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Psychologist Session


Mental Health Care Plans

What is a Mental Health Care Plan?

A Mental Health Care Plan also known as a Mental Health Treatment Plan (MHTP) is a document written by your GP about your mental health. Your GP will include information in the MHTP that helps your Psychologist to understand the challenges that you are currently facing.

How to Obtain a MHTP

To obtain a MHTP, we recommend booking a long appointment with your GP to ensure that there is sufficient time available to discuss your concerns and complete the relevant paperwork.

Medicare Rebates

Medicare is currently providing rebates for up to 10 psychology sessions per year, however, your GP will likely refer you for a series of 6 sessions initially.


In order to be eligible for Medicare rebates you must have already obtained a Mental Health Treatment Plan and Referral Letter from your GP prior to your first appointment with us.

Payment Details

Payment is due on the day of treatment and we will automatically process the Medicare rebate on your behalf.

To ensure that your rebates are processed as quickly as possible please ensure that your account details are registered and up-to-date with Medicare and with us.

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